Patient Centered Care

Best Service Quality

No long Wait for Appointment

Best Follow up Care and Referral Service

Our Services

Our services are rated the best in provision of care to all individuals taking into consideration their cultural, socio-economic and ethnic background.

Our Costs for Service are very reasonable and we offer internal plan of health to those with no health insurances.


We are experts in treament of diabetes and preventing it’s complications.


We provide quick diagnosis, treatment and follow up for those with hypertension

High cholesterol

We manage people with high cholestrol and make sure their disease is controlled 


We have special programs that help those with overweight get their weight controlled.


We treat all king of allergies and provide good follow up care


We specialize in asthma care as well those diagnosed of COPD 

Other Services we offer:

1)– Pre-employment screening 

2)-School  Physical 

3)– Driver license physical immigration

4)– Compensation

5)– Automobile injury care and treatment

6)– Disability rating

7)– Independently Medical Exam for those seeking disability & compensation post injury.

Center where all your health care need can be met!

We work diligently to ensure your full satisfaction as a patient.

Your Doctor will work hand by hand with you to promote good health and efficiently treat your health condition   

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Center where your care is a priority

We dearly care for our patient. As a faith based organization, we believe that life is a precious gift from God and human being is to be regarded as crown of His creation.

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“Thank you for the care you have shown me. I truly appreciate the time of the many professionals that came to my home. I’m glad that Alliance is available for others in need.” James P.

A friend recommended La Majesty healthcare to me and that is where I met Dr. Noel. From the first visit I knew she was the right doctor for me. She made me feel confident and relaxed...


Team Members

W. Noel

W. Noel


Dr. Willy Noel, MD, Internist with over 20 years of experience in internal medicine. Dr. Noel works with his patients with care, compassion, respect and dignity. He places his patient health first and ensures that every patient he sees gets the best treatment and the best answer to questions pertaining to his or her health condition.

Irene Noel

Irene Noel


Irene Noel RN, DDS, is a former graduate dentist who had dedicated her to work as a nurse. She has over 15 years in health care.

Carol Negron

Carol Negron

Office Secretary/ Billing Assistant

Carol Is an excellent with over 15 years experience in providing secretarial and billing services.

Valerie Noel

Valerie Noel

Medical Office Supervisor

Valerie is a dynamic young lady who has great passion and enthusiasm to work in the health field providing care and services to those in need.